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Turnip: More settings for tracking your time in macOS!

30 April 2024


Turnip 1.4 is out today, and we think you’ll love it. We’ve added a bunch of new customisation features for how timers work (time rounding, idle notifications, etc.). Also new: you can edit FreshBooks and FreeAgent tags directly in Turnip—no more switching to a web browser!

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13 April 2024


Coming very soon to a Turnip near you: softer input fields!


The eagle-eyed amongst you may also notice new features like the ability to create new integration tags, along with some new settings to help you control how the timer behaves in Turnip. But today, it’ll all about softening those input fields!

The new version should ship sometime in April. 🚀

There’s something oddly thrilling about the first support request you get for a new product. Finally, someone who isn’t me is using the thing we made! 🤩

….of course, it doesn’t hurt when the feedback is mostly positive. ❤️ Bring it on!

Announcing Turnip, our new timer app

07 November 2023

Sarah & Matt

If you’re a freelancer, contractor, or business owner looking to track time to your accounting system with an elegant app: we have good news for you!

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Now we’re cooking with gas: hamburger menus in the kitchen

31 March 2022


What I learnt about design when I couldn’t turn on a lightbulb; or, how a cooker hood nearly drove me to distraction.

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How we fixed the mic on macOS Monterey

26 January 2022


When a bug in macOS meant Mic Drop stopped working with Bluetooth headphones, we needed to come up with a fix. The solution was far stranger than we expected.

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Let’s not go back to normal

09 August 2021


Everyone’s talking about going back to normal. But is normal the right goal? We have a rare opportunity to redesign our lives. What could we be doing better?

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A watched employee never boils

31 October 2020


Employers are warming up to the idea of remote working, but not everyone is quite ready to trust their employees fully. Instead of resorting to privacy-invading software, it's time to update how we think about our productivity.

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How to mute a mic in six months

12 August 2020


It turns out that there's a lot more to simplicity than there seems—and audio, in particular, is especially complex. What we've learned from our first foray into macOS app development, from a (mostly) technical perspective.

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The Remote Meeting Etiquette Guide

30 June 2020


With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, it looks like remote working may be here to stay—which means lots and lots of Zoom meetings. Since video calling is our new normal, it’s time we had an etiquette guide for our post-COVID world. Spoiler alert: keep your trousers on and mute your mic.

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