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Mic Drop: Mute your mic in macOS

Mic Drop

Mute your mic in any app

Make meetings and calls less stressful with system-wide microphone muting. Quickly mute (and unmute!) your microphone with a custom keyboard shortcut or menubar control.

Mute yourself with Mic Drop
Turnip: Simple time tracking for freelancers


Time tracking for freelancers

Reclaim your time with the time tracking app designed for freelancers. Track time directly from your menubar and automatically sync with your favourite tools when you’re finished.

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Sarah and Matt, and an octopus friend or two

Hi there! 👋

We’re Sarah and Matt, two humans who love building stuff and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We make great apps, mostly for macOS.

We aren’t interested in becoming the next Facebook, securing VC funding, or growing so big we need a sales team to set up a demo.

We build things that solve real problems. That are a joy to use. Apps that don't snoop on you, or manipulate you, or try to exploit you.

We hope you love them!

Sarah London Semark

Chief Design Octopus

Sarah making her best serious face
Sarah making her patented tongue-sticking-out-winky-eye face
Official title
CDO (Chief Design Octopus)
What I actually do
File GitHub issues, doodle octopus arms.
Favourite typeface
Secret superpower
Can spot a typo a mile away.

Matthew Riley MacPherson

Chief Technical Octopus

Matt making his best serious face
Matt getting eaten alive by a stuffed shark
Official title
CTO (Chief Technical Octopus)
What I actually do
Build things, break things, obsess over coffee.
Favourite typeface
DejaVu Sans Mono
Secret superpower
Somehow has never received a speeding ticket.

What’s new

Turnip: More settings for tracking your time in macOS!

30 April 2024


Turnip 1.4 is out today, and we think you’ll love it. We’ve added a bunch of new customisation features for how timers work (time rounding, idle notifications, etc.). Also new: you can edit FreshBooks and FreeAgent tags directly in Turnip—no more switching to a web browser!

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