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Technology that works for you.

We believe that technology is a tool to make the world a happier, fairer place. We build smart, inclusive, usable digital products to improve people's lives.

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Who we are

We’re a duo based in Scotland with three decades of design and development experience.

Matt is our Chief Technical Octopus, a software developer and vintage motorcycle enthusiast. Sarah is our Chief Design Octopus, a graphic and product designer with a penchant for bold colours and impractical footwear.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do great work.

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Sarah and Matt discussing cufflinks.

What we do


Visual Design

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Mobile Apps Development

Websites Development

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What we’ve done

Category#Design system


An open-source and inclusive design system and React component library.

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I have never had a question on my website that Sarah could not answer, and often she has added much value with ideas and suggestions! My very best references goes out to Sarah and her company!

Pernille Fischer-Boulter · CEO & President, Kisserup Trade Roots

The company we keep

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What we're up to now

Date Published29 April 2020·Reading time3 minute read

Say hello to Mic Drop!

Mic Drop is a little app for your Mac that makes it super easy to mute (and unmute!) your mic, using a global shortcut or a menu bar control. It's also our very first app, so please forgive us if we use too many exclamation points.

Date Published13 January 2020·Reading time4 minute read

The year in review: 2019

A little late, but there’s no expiration date on thoughtful reflection, right? We take the opportunity to review our first (short!) year in business: what we accomplished, what we didn’t, and where we’re headed next.

A sketch of our mascot, Bubbles: an octopus wearing a hard hat and safety goggles.

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