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Turnip: More settings for tracking your time in macOS!

30 April 2024

by Sarah

Matt and I have been hard at work on Turnip 1.4, and we think it’s the best Turnip ever. (Obviously.) We’ve also posted on Product Hunt today, so we’d love to hear your feedback over there. ❤️

Idle time customisation

Want more control over how Turnip tracks your time? We’ve got you covered with new settings!

Turnip’s settings screen showing a checkbox to enable the idle timer and an input for how many minutes to wait before sending a notification.

You’ll be able to set how long before Turnip asks you if you were idle, or disable the idle checks entirely.

Time rounding

We've also added a setting to control how Turnip rounds your time. You can choose to round up, down, or to the nearest interval, and set the interval to whatever you like.

Turnip’s settings screen showing a checkbox for timer rounding, plus the ability to change from nearest, up, and down, as well as changing the increment in minutes.

And of course, if you happen to be a stickler for precision, you can disable rounding entirely.

Edit integration tags

You can now add and edit integration tags directly in Turnip—no more switching to the FreeAgent or FreshBooks website to make changes! You can edit the name, hourly rate, and colour.

Turnip’s add tag screen, showing the ability to select a parent project as well as an hourly rate and a checkbox for billable.

You can also add new tags directly from Turnip by selecting your project or company as the parent tag. Any new or updated tags will be synced back to FreeAgent or FreshBooks immediately. ✨

Customise menubar highlight

Not into purple? You can now change the colour Turnip uses for the active timer in the menubar.

Turnip’s settings screen showing a colour picker to customise the menubar colour.

We’ve provided some suggestions to get you started, but you can pick any colour your heart desires!

Softer look & feel

I definitely lean towards high-contrast designs. I recently tiled our new kitchen floor with hand-painted black and white cork tiles. You get it.

So I default to pretty stark form inputs—nice and visible, usable, but a bit blunt when used in an app context. This one’s been on my mind for a while.

Screenshots of Turnip’s add timer screen over the years, evolving to a softer, less contrasty look and feel.Turnip’s visual evolution. On the left are my very first mockups.

We’ve done a lot to dial back the contrast and soften everything so it’s easier on the eyes and a little less jarring, whilst still retaining its usability. Corners have been softened, colours are gentler, and everything’s been given a little mini facelift.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your feedback! We’ve posted on Product Hunt today, so come on down and leave a comment, ask a question, or share your thoughts right here!

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