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This is the business website of Sarah & Matt at Octopus Think.

By default, we don’t collect any data about you. Hooray!

Billing information

We don’t collect, store, or process your billing information and we don’t have access to your credit card information. If you purchase Mic Drop (our mic-muting app) or Turnip (our time-tracking app), Apple processes your payment info.

Contact information

By default, we don’t have access to your contact information or any other personal identifier.

If you sign up for our newsletter or one of our beta programmes, we’ll have access to your email address. This information will be retained until you unsubscribe or the mailing list hasn’t been used for a period of three years. You can unsubscribe at any point.

If you contact us with a support request, we’ll have access to your email address, name, and any other identifiers included in your email. This information will be stored for as long as we are actively continuing to work on the app.

Managing your data

If you’d like us to remove all of your personal data from our system, or if you’d like a copy of the data we have about you, please contact us at hi@octopusthink.com.

Since we’re a small two-person company, this is a manual process, but we’ll do our best to get it sorted within a week.


When you sign up for our beta programme or newsletter, we store your information with Buttondown, a privacy-conscious newsletter provider. We don’t track opens, clicks, or anything else beyond when you subscribed and when you unsubscribe. If you unsubscribe your data is retained on Buttondown in accordance with their privacy policy unless you request that we delete your information.

Cookies on this website

We don’t use any persistent cookies on this website. Any cookies used on this site are session cookies only and expire immediately after you leave the site. 🍪

Our stance on privacy

Your data is yours. We only collect data you agree to share. You can opt out at any time. Nothing we collect can identify you personally, either by way of a unique ID or by your usage patterns. We’re not interested in spying on you. 🙈

In related news: Running an ethical business.

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