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Mic Drop

Ever been on a call and needed to turn off your microphone, like, right now, but couldn’t find the mute button quickly enough?

Mic Drop is a macOS menu bar app that allows you to quickly mute and unmute yourself using a keyboard shortcut. It works with every meeting app out there—from Zoom to Slack, FaceTime to Houseparty.


Mute your mic in any app.

We’ve been working remotely, in some form or another, for at least a decade. We know what sucks about video meetings—saying something you didn’t mean to, or getting five minutes into a poignant tirade before being interrupted by a co-worker: “We can’t hear you! Is your mic off?”

So we built Mic Drop. It’s a Mac app that allows you to mute—and unmute—your mic using a customisable keyboard shortcut that works in any app. It also displays your mic status in your menu bar, so you’ll always know at a glance if your mic is hot or not.

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