Octopus Think

Our work

We've shipped some pretty awesome stuff over the years. Here are some things we're particularly proud of:

Firefox Add-ons

Matt was instrumental in the re-architecting of Firefox Add-ons website from a legacy Django + PHP site to a modern React site.

During the migration to WebExtensions, it was clear that the legacy Firefox Add-ons website had grown too large to maintain, so Matt worked to migrate the site to a well-tested, responsive React site with Flow, Redux, redux-saga, and server-side rendering.

The code for the Add-ons website is available on GitHub.


Sarah is a full-time contributor to the WordPress project, focussing primarily on designing Gutenberg. She also lead a team of over 25 community members in exploratory user research and usability studies.

Matt was the Accessibility Lead for WordPress 5.0, one of the biggest WordPress releases in history, and worked to improve WordPress' editing experience for all users.

Matt also worked to drastically improve Gutenberg's end-to-end tests to prevent regressions and maintain a fast development pace.


Matt is the author and co-maintainer of localForage, used in production on sites like WordPress.com, addons.mozilla.org, and mobile.twitter.com. localForage greatly simplifies offline storage for web developers and app developers who use JavaScript. We continue to invest time into the project as part of our commitment to open source.

Nebula Streaming Service

Developed the entire web infrastructure for the Nebula streaming service, a paid video streaming service from Standard Broadcast creators. Using a barebones video backend service, Matt planned, created, and ran the entire infrastructure needed for the Nebula web app and iOS app—a Django API, a server-rendered React app, Stripe integration, and a Kubernetes cluster on AWS—in under five months.