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We've been working remotely for ages, and we love thinking about how to stay healthy, happy, and productive as a remote worker, whether you're exploring the world or just working on building a better work-life balance.

Date Published
31 October 2020
·Reading time
4 minute read

A watched employee never boils

Employers are warming up to the idea of remote working, but not everyone is quite ready to trust their employees fully. Instead of resorting to privacy-invading software, it's time to update how we think about our productivity.

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Date Published
30 June 2020
·Reading time
2 minute read

The Remote Meeting Etiquette Guide

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, it looks like remote working may be here to stay—which means lots and lots of Zoom meetings. Since video calling is our new normal, it’s time we had an etiquette guide for our post-COVID world. Spoiler alert: keep your trousers on and mute your mic.

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