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AKA our blog, in which we talk about design, technology, inclusion, and anything else we’ve been thinking about lately. Oh, and adorable cephalopod stories, because they make us happy.

Date Published
31 March 2022

Now we’re cooking with gas: hamburger menus in the kitchen

What I learnt about design when I couldn’t turn on a lightbulb; or, how a cooker hood nearly drove me to distraction.

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Date Published
12 August 2020

How to mute a mic in six months

For a relatively simple app, Mic Drop took a lot longer than you might think to build. It turns out that there's a lot more to simplicity than there seems—and audio, in particular, is especially complex. Matt explores beneath the surface to share what we've learned from our first foray into macOS app development, from a (mostly) technical perspective.

Date Published
29 April 2020

Say hello to Mic Drop!

Mic Drop is a little app for your Mac that makes it super easy to mute (and unmute!) your mic, using a global shortcut or a menu bar control. It's also our very first app, so please forgive us if we use too many exclamation points.

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