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Who we are

We build smart, inclusive apps. We care about privacy and usability. Our ethics are non-negotiable.

Oh, and we really like strange ocean creatures. 馃悪

We care.

Technology should be honest, thoughtful, and pleasant to use. More than that, it should improve your life and reduce stress. We build products that solve real problems in an ethical way.

We listen.

We love hearing from users! We fix bugs fast and we plan our roadmap based on user feedback. We respond personally to every single support request. We can鈥檛 always fix everything, but we鈥檒l do our best to try.

We respect your privacy.

We never, ever sell your data or snoop on you. Metrics are used to make products better, not track you. We explain how we handle user data and require your explicit opt-in before obtaining it. You are not the product.

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Chief Design Octopus

Sarah London Semark

Official title
CDO (Chief Design Octopus)
What I actually do
File GitHub issues, doodle octopus arms.
Favourite typeface
Secret superpower
Can spot a typo a mile away.
Chief Technical Octopus

Matthew Riley MacPherson

Official title
CTO (Chief Technical Octopus)
What I actually do
Build things, break things, obsess over coffee.
Favourite typeface
DejaVu Sans Mono
Secret superpower
Somehow has never received a speeding ticket.

Our values

  • Accessibility and usability can co-exist with beauty.
  • Respect your users.
  • Be inclusive, transparent, and fair.
  • Privacy is a fundamental human right.
  • Leave your ego at the door.


Donated to charity (2020)
Muted with Mic Drop (per month)
Open-source contributions (2020)
localForage downloads (per month)
1% profits
Donation pledge (2021)
Coffee consumed (per day, roughly)
Octopus Think

Octopus Think is a design & development duo based in Scotland and Portugal. We build smart, inclusive, usable digital products that make people鈥檚 lives better.

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